Welcome To The Networking Referral Group

"All things equal people will do business and refer business to people they Know, Like and Trust."

You are invited to attend a meeting of the NRG.

Our goal is to help each other succeed in developing more leads through referrals for our members.

Business owners today are combating rising costs and finding more and more that their marketing dollars are less effective. A healthy marketing mix includes a variety of venues to convey your message to potential customers. But there is one truth in marketing that holds true . . . the best marketing you can get is word of mouth. Our business networking group helps you develop referrals for new business allowing you to be more successful.

Word of mouth marketing or referrals are effective because of trust. If you are willing to risk your own reputation referring a family member, friend or business associate to someone, you must trust that they will treat them with the respect, honesty and integrity they deserve. Trust is very powerful.

The question then becomes, how does a business earn referrals? A very effective method is through membership in a professional business networking group like ours . . . The Networking Referral Group.

Our members meet weekly to help each other learn more about each other, what they do and who their ideal customers are. Trust builds as we learn more about each other, which makes offering business referrals second nature.

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To schedule a time to attend a meeting as our guest, call a member of our leadership team.